Woodworking workshop tools

Panel press clamps


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From sketch to vector
Sketch to T-Shirt

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Bow Building

To become a bowyer

First build a bow
Make a bowstring jig
Make a bow string
become an archer

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Canotto, building an electro-acoustic upright bass!

My friend who is a bass player came up with an idea of building an upright bass. After going through a lot of ideas and designs we stumbled upon the Canotto.

A beautiful canoe shaped upright bass designed by 19th century French physicist Felix Savart.

Here you can see how we build it in 9 days with basic woodworking tools.

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TEN Free two layer PCB from FirstPCB.com

Visit this link to get your free PCBs!



I am just about to order some myself!!!

edit 30.1.2019: another nice pcb service: https://jlcpcb.com/

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