Premiere Pro Tips

Metadata -check framerate
i -inpoint in the video
Insert (or drag and drop the image into project area)
Sequence – Sequence settings-check
c-razor tool – clicl on clips – make cuts in them
TRANSITIONS – clip selected Ctrl D (default transition)
Effects-search – Cross (Cross disolve)
Title-New Title – Default Still
Righ click on text – Centering

Right Click in empty space – Ripple Delete (erases empty space between clips)

effects – fast color corrector
fast blur – clcik on the stopwatch icon=creates key frame at the end chage settings of effects (animates the effect)

Bottom left-create adjustment layer
Add effect to adjustment layer
Lumetry-preset for color grading (specific camera)
Copy FX to adjustment layer-Ctrl C-Ctrl V paste effect onto a clip
Keyframes in audio – effect controls panel
File -Export Media
Preset-Match Source -High Bitrate
(Youtube bitrate 8Mbps)

; to enlarge window for preview

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