Push Me Pull You

This is an adaptation of an effect called Push Me Pull You from Tim Escobedo. The name says it all, two transitors operating in Push-Pull. The sound is really nasty! If you want to lower your sustain and get some octave, this one is for you! I guess it would be great for organ. You can have a look on his genius designs over at Circuit Snippets.

Push Me Pull You effect redrawn in EAGLE software

The PCB is single sided, easier to make and sufficient for this application.

Push Me Pull You PCB

The source .brd and .sch files along with a .pdf export are available at: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fnsh03

Little sound preview from the original

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Class A MOSFET Headphone Amplifier

Here is an adaptation of basic Class A MOSFET Headphone amplifier. Below schematic and the board layout. Its designed as a single sided PCB board. It`s always a good idea to use a low ESR coupling capacitor. Also use a ceramic capacitor in the supply and a good heat-sink for the transistors, at least one for a 5 Watt heat dissipation.

The described MOSFET Class A amplifier. One channel shown.

Amplifier is for use with pretty common 32 Ohm headphones. For input I used RCA connectors, and for output the preffered 6.35 mm TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleve) Jack!

At the bottom you can find a link for with EAGLE .brd & .sch and an exported .pdf. I will later add a tutorial on exporting your boards from EAGLE, so you can really do all by yourself. For link to EAGLE software go to “Links” section of the site

Headphone amplifier`s board layout, for illustration.


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