Interesting stuff from all around the web:


Valve amplifier design:

Tube amplifiers schematics:

 Education in electronics

Here are some useful links for effect pedal building:

Pre-printed circuit boards, plans and kits, circuit diagrams:

Useful circuit diagrams, etc:

  • Analog Guru – Assortment of guitar effects schematics
  • AresAudio – DAC, Tube, Amplifier designs, great quality!!!
  • Pisotones – Big Muff, now a historical artifact
  • BigMuffPage – All about Big Muff
  • AMZ – excellent resource from Jack Orman, one of the pioneers of DIY pedal building
  • DIY Stompboxes – Great forums and blog
  • Fuzz Central – fuzz, wah, compressors, tremolos.  Lots of good info.
  • GEOFex  – los of useful resources
  • gaussmarkov: diy fx – some excellent intro resources for pedal circuits
  • Beavis Audio – more good guitar effects projects and resources.
  • Topopiccione – great guitar effects you can’t find anywhere else
  • DIY Hi-Z Buffer – design considerations for FETs
  • Adams Amps – various tonestack overview
  • EffectsLayouts – wonderful and various perfboard layouts!
  • Paul In The Lab – Great collection of audio and other helpful stuff



Recording & Microphones:

Guitar Building and Repair:

Guitar Plans:

Woodworking & Luthier:



  • GroupDiy – Lively group of audio diy-ers!
  • Free Stompboxes – If you are an effect builder you have to be a member!
  • DIY Stompboxes – If you are an effect builder you have to be a member!

LabView / Arduino resources:



  • Macintosh Garden – a place where old mac software stuff just blossoms
  • ARTA – Audio Measurements and Analysis Software


  • MAELSTROM – One of the all time classics, runs on almost all operating systems since the 90s.

DIY madness:


CNC and Mechanics:

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