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The Stooges, as seen by Jack White

I read a rare interview with the White Stripes over at thirdmanrecords.com vault, and this is what caught my eye.

Interviewer:     Lastly, what is the best record hunt story you can share?

Jack White:     I found the first Stooges album in the dumpster behind my house and I had never heard it before.

Imagine Detroit in those years,raw city thorn apart to pieces.

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Class A MOSFET Headphone Amplifier

Here is an adaptation of basic Class A MOSFET Headphone amplifier. Below schematic and the board layout. Its designed as a single sided PCB board. It`s always a good idea to use a low ESR coupling capacitor. Also use a ceramic capacitor in the supply and a good heat-sink for the transistors, at least one for a 5 Watt heat dissipation.

The described MOSFET Class A amplifier. One channel shown.

Amplifier is for use with pretty common 32 Ohm headphones. For input I used RCA connectors, and for output the preffered 6.35 mm TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleve) Jack!

At the bottom you can find a link for with EAGLE .brd & .sch and an exported .pdf. I will later add a tutorial on exporting your boards from EAGLE, so you can really do all by yourself. For link to EAGLE software go to “Links” section of the site

Headphone amplifier`s board layout, for illustration.


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